Saturday, 12 July 2014

Holder - Montreal

I was at Montreal for a brief two-days trip by myself. After some research, I planned out my dinners and settled on Holder and Garde Manger (blog post here). This was actually the first time I travelled by myself. I was not going to shy away from going to a nice restaurant and have a good meal by myself. So I bravely became the lonely Asian girl sitting at a fancy restaurant by herself. At least I didn't have to share the bread basket with anyone. More carbs for me!

My first dinner was at Holder, a European style brasserie located in Old Montreal. It was nice, but relaxed. As you know, I wouldn't go somewhere that has a dress code.

Holder exterior & interior

I had their famous duck confit, atop a bed of arugula and fingerling potatoes, dressed in truffle oil. After reading their menu, I couldn't help but smile at the thought of Anthony Bourdain's distaste of truffle oil, which he so readily expressed on The Taste and No Reservation. The truffle oil really wasn't the selling point for me anyway. I loved the dish for the folk tender meaty duck leg that was lightly crisped on the outside and sprinkled with coarse salt. It went well with peppery arugula, but could have used a touch of acid.

Bread basket with olive oil and vinegar
No sharing at this table of one

Duck confit - 20.75
with roasted potatoes, arugula, white truffle dressing

For dessert, I got the chocolate mousse with hazelnut praline. The chocolate mousse was rich and luscious and the hazelnut praline added a much needed contrast in texture.

St-Domingue chocolate mousse - 9
with hazelnut praline (and apparently also ice cream?)

This was a rather decant meal. Although I did quite enjoy the food, the lack of company did take away from the experience. Like I always say, I live for good food and good company. At least Holder had one of the two. 

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