Friday, 18 April 2014

Lil' Baci - Brunch

I have been brunching... a lot. After dropping poor Tum (check out my post on Tum) off at the vet, I went to brunch with a few friends in Lesliville. This brings us to the subject of this post, Lil' Baci.

Lil' Baci, meaning little kisses in Italian, is a little restaurant with an overwhelming homey feel. We were seated by the window, basking in the beautiful sunlight. Its interior is filled with wooden and granite tables, and its walls lined with old photos. I enjoyed the ambiance and the wait staff were attentive and helpful.

Lil' Baci interior

An interior wall lined with old photographs
nostalgic, isn't it?

I decided to forego my usual Caesar/mimosa, and settle for water instead. My dining companions were on the same page, getting apricot nectar and coffees instead of the brunch cocktails. The apricot nectar looked delicious, but seemed pricey to me, given the volume and the price.

Apricot Nectar

Our table had a variety of food items, a couple variations of Lil Baci's baked eggs, some good ol' egg benedict and a pizza. I ordered the pizza, I'm not sure what motivated me to make such a menu choice... at brunch. I guess I am a sucker for spicy sopressatta? Their Speziata pizza has a similar composition as Trattoria Mercatto's Diavola pizza (check out the blog post here), which as you know, is my favourite. In my opinion, the Diavola pizza at Trattoria Mercatto is better. On the other hand, their baked eggs dishes were well received at the table. Their variation of egg benedict received mixed reviews. I tried a bite and wished I had ordered it instead of the pizza, but my friends thought the hollandaise sauce lacked flavour. I guess that's the thing with food, in the end it's just all opinions and personal preferences.

Lil Baci Baked Eggs
two eggs, roasted tomato, basil, smoke provolone, Italian sausage

Mushroom Baked Eggs
panna, cremini, goat cheese, spinch

Eggs Benedetto
two poached eggs, crispy pancetta, house made bread, lemon-truffle hollandaise

Speziata Pizza
spicy sopressatta, tomato, mozzarella, basil

I like the quaintness of Lil' Baci, basking in the sunlight in their lovely window seats, watching families stroll pass the restaurant and spending time with people I genuinely care about. That is the life, isn't it?

Lil Baci is a solid choice in Leslieville. If there weren't so many brunch choices in the city, I'd be back here sooner.

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Likelihood of Returning* = 3/5

This is a predictor of how likely I will revisit this establishment in the future. My likelihood of returning is dependent upon various factors, such as my personal taste preference, my personal experience at the restaurant, my perception of the value provided by the restaurant, as well as other factors such as location (for example, on a TTC subway line), personal convenience, price and the preference of the friends whom I often dine with. Or... is it somewhat indicative of what's not said? Ha, stop that paranoia! Or should you... ;) 

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