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I have a restaurant rotation... A number of restaurants I frequent on a regular basis. These are not all fancy shmancy restaurants where I have to put on my grown-up outfits, but they all have that little bit of something that makes me come back time and time again. Let's call this rotation... Favourites in the City. (does this sound cheesy? let me work on that name)

I first visited Beerbistro during a Christmas gathering, where we had the back room to ourselves. They served us Belgian Frites, mushroom puff pastries, Bacon Wrapped Shrimp and crème brûlée. Everything were tasty and served piping hot. What made me fall in love with Beerbistro was the Bacon Wrapped Shrimp. Of course it was the bacon wrapped shrimp, are you kidding me? Recently, while reminiscing about that meal, my friend said that there was a universal silence in the room as we were served the crème brûlée, where everyone anticipated the sound of their spoons breaking the hard layer of caramel...

I am making it sound more magical than it actually was, but it was enough to bring me back and making this a favourite. During my most recent visit, we had the Bacon Wrapped Shrimp, Halibut Fish Tacos, Smoky the Bacon Mussel Bowl, Belgian Frites, Sticky Toffee Pudding and Flourless Chocolate Cake. The Bacon Wrapped Shrimp was a superstar, served with their house-made smoky ketchup. The Halibut FIsh Tacos was a bit bland for my taste, probably won't order this next time. The Belgian Frites were tasty and irresistible. Although I should warn you, this is not a vegetarian dish. Their Belgian Frites are blanched in beef and duck fat. Vegetarians, beware, these fries are not so innocent!

Now the mussel bowl, where do I start? Beerbistro does awesome mussels bowls, incredibly delicious and generously portioned. My favourite is the Fancy Shmancy, where the mussels are cooked in lobster bisque and topped with chunks of lobster. Very fancy shmancy indeed. Unfortunately, the last time I visited, this item seems to have been taken off the menu. How could this be? What did I do wrong in life? (I should probably not go down that road) :'(

Lastly for dessert... You have to try the Flourless Chocolate Cake. I think it might be the best chocolate cake I have had in a very long time. It was rich without being heavy. It didn't need to be topped with anything, just the cake itself was tasty enough. 

Lindemans Apple
Belgium; 3.5% alc.
FRUITY: Ales fermented or finished with real fruits or juices

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp
bbq sauce, house-made beer bacon
suggested beer pairing: SOCIABLE, such as Anchor Steam Beer

Halibut Fish Tacos
avocado crema, red cabbage, red onions, cilantro, pico de gallo
Suggested beer pairing: SPICY, such as La Chouffe

Smoky the Bacon
beer bacon, celery, parsley, garlic, aged gouda & rauchbier
Suggested beer pairing: SATISFYING, such as De la Senne Stouterik

Belgian Frites
blanched in beef & duck fat, house-made mayonnaise & smoked tomato ketchup  

Sticky Toffee Pudding
 vanilla bourbon ice cream
Suggested beer pairing:Aventinus
(don't touch the pan, it is hot... very hot)

I hope you give Beerbistro a try. Writing this blog post has made me seriously crave Beerbistro... Maybe I should come here next week...

Until next time,


Likelihood of Returning* = 3/5

This is a predictor of how likely I will revisit this establishment in the future. My likelihood of returning is dependent upon various factors, such as my personal taste preference, my personal experience at the restaurant, my perception of the value provided by the restaurant, as well as other factors such as location (for example, on a TTC subway line), personal convenience, price and the preference of the friends whom I often dine with.

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