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Public House - The Venetian - Las Vegas

Admittedly, out of all the restaurants we planned on visiting during our Las Vegas trip, the one that I was the most excited about was Public House. Public House is a gastropub, serving up refined casual fares and a huge beer selection. It's located in The Venetian on Las Vegas Strip.

I have never been the meat-and-potato type of girl. A slab of conventional protein (a steak, a pork chop, a quarter of rotisserie chicken) with a side of mashed is great to have once in a long while, but it is really not something that excites me, not something worth craving for in my opinion. Thus I love seeing menu items such as roasted bone marrow, foie gras and pork belly. These dishes make a world of sense to me because they speak to our primal instinct, our natural craving for salt, sugar and animal fat in its pure and unprocessed form. Seeing these dishes on a menu is when I know I am in the right place. This is why I was so excited about Public House, whose menu include items such as Crispy Pork Belly, Southern Fried Chicken, Lobster Mac n' Cheese, Roasted Bone Marrow, etc.

Although we had reservations to almost all of the restaurants we dined at, Public House was probably the only restaurant that we actually needed that reservation to get seated, it was bustling with people. Again, the restaurant was beautifully decorated inside and out. Of course it had to be a looker, it was steps away from the Venetian's Grand Canal.

Public House exterior & interior

An emergency wine shelter? That is the most brilliant idea in the world, if I do say so myself. I think I need one of these at home. 

Public House's Wine Shelter

Gastropubs are known for large drink selections. We were told that they have over 200 types of beers available. I had Lindemans Pecheresse, a peach juice infused beer, while my boyfriend had a Hoegaarden. I'm not a sophisticated beer drinker by any means. I typically like myself a Mill Street Organic in Toronto.

Lindemans Pecheresse

Despite my big talk at the beginning of this post about loving pure animal fat. We opted for lighter options for this meal instead. I am just not myself in Las Vegas. I had very little appetite this entire trip. Could it be from all that second hand smoking at the Blackjack table? Perhaps.

We had the Smothered Prawns, Grilled Octopus, Forest Mushroom, Yukon Potato Puree with Black Truffle Oil and Short Ribs. Oh my goodness, it sure looks like we had meat and potatoes, doesn't it? :P

The Smothered Prawns did not have a great deal of flavour, this is what happens when you cook seafood with beer instead of wine... I should have known better! I learned long time ago to always get mussels steamed in a wine broth, not mussels steamed in a beer broth. The Grilled Octopus had a strange texture, it was not springy or chewy, it was... mushy. Yep, the first time I had mushy grilled octopus and we didn't finish this dish. The stars of the meal were the Forest Mushrooms (sauteed mushrooms, what's not to love) and the Yukon Potato Puree (perfectly creamy). The Short Rib all went to the red-meat-eater that I dined with. He enjoyed it, so he says. 

Smothered Prawns
beer, smoked Paprika butter, chillis, scallions & grilled bread

Grilled Octopus
fried chick peas, Chorizo, saffron-romesco sauce & arugula
Forest Mushrooms

Yukon Potato Puree
black Truffle

Short Rib
Porter braised, carrot mousseline, Heirloom carrots, battered onion ring

Overall, this meal didn't live up to the high expectations that I have set for it. But again, one of the most important things in life is to manage your expectations. I guess I am partially to blame on this one.

Stay tuned, most Las Vegas posts coming up! (Yep, this never ends) ;)

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