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Noodles - Bellagio - Las Vegas

Here is how to eat cheaply on the Vegas Strip. Well, relatively cheaply. Eating at McD would be the truly cheap option, but I thought we were on vacation, were we not? The answer to eating relatively cheaply on the Vegas Strip is... wait for it (don't worry, I won't switch to commercial break on you. Please, I am not Gordon Ramsay)... Noodles at Bellagio.

Noodles is an Cantonese restaurant located right off the Bellagio casino floor. Super duper convenient, if I do say so myself. Noodles specializes in Cantonese cuisine. Decor wise, Noodles was simple and humble, nothing extravagant in comparison to the other Bellagio restaurants. 

Noodles exterior
located off the Bellagio casino floor

Noodles interior

We liked Noodles so much, we ate here twice during our short trip to Vegas. The first time was on a Sunday, where they went the traditional route and had Dim Sum cart service. This is when the restaurant makes a bunch of small plates, stack them on a cart and have a waiter/waitress push the cart around the restaurant floor, where patrons can flag down the cart and order a small plate directly from the cart. Even though this is the traditional way, I have never been a fan. You can only choose what's on the cart and it's often served luke warm. Okay, I'll stop my complaining now. Moving on, we had the pan fried shrimp & chive dumplings and fried radish cake. Both were luke warm (of course they were! this method is flawed). The pan fried shrimp & chive dumplings had great flavours, despite being slightly oily. The radish cake was not the best I have had.

Pan fried shrimp & chive dumplings

Fried radish cake

We also shared the Wonton Noodle and the Roasted Duck Rice. What I loved about the Wonton Noodle is that the wonton fillings were all shrimp, giving each wonton a great springy bite and also making this a light dish. The Roasted Duck Rice was awesome. When I ordered it, the waitress asked me "with bone or boneless?" You can get boneless roasted duck on rice? This is brand new information to me. I was impressed. Cantonese style BBQ duck served on rice is a pretty common dish and being a BBQ-duck-lover, I have had it many times from various restaurants. I have never been offered the option of going boneless before. I can finally, for the first time in my life, eat roasted duck on rice like a proper lady with no need to wrestle the meat off the bone with my teeth and channeling my inner animal self while gnawing on the bone. I do paint a vivid image, don't I? ;) The duck was delicious, nice and fatty, just how I like it. I ordered it again on our second visit.

Wonton Noodle
shrimp wontons in a rich broth (half eaten in the photo)

Roast duck rice
steamed rice, plum sauce and kai-lan

I highly recommend this restaurant, especially if you are spending your day gambling at the Bellagio casino floor. ;) I recommend saving this restaurant for a weekday lunch, because I think Noodles and The Buffet are the only restaurants open for lunch service at the Bellagio on a weekday.

Stay tuned, one (or two) more Las Vegas posts coming up. Then I am done blogging about Vegas, I promise.

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