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Momofuku Daishō - Summerlicious

I am clearly playing catch up, considering Summerlicious ended 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately, life has been super busy lately, and by life I mean work. By the time I call it a day, admittedly I am pretty beat. And somehow I have managed to make blogging feel like work rather than a hobby. Yep, I have done it. Given that this is not what I consider an ideal situation, I'm going to dial it back a couple of notches on all things blogging related.

I have been wanting to go to Momofuku Daishō for quite a while. Momofuku Daishō is situated on the third floor of the three-storey building that is also home to Momofuku Noodle Bar (most affordable), Nikai (bar) Milk Bar (a walk-in fridge that sells ready-to-bake dessert items shipped in from their NYC kitchen) and Shōtō (10-course tasting menu at $150 per person). This is Chef David Chang's first project in Canada. 

What interested me about Daishō was their "large formats" dinners, which include Salt & Pepper Lobster ($250 for 4-6 people), Beef Ribeye ($600 for 6-8 people), and Fried Chicken ($125 for 4-6 people, for some reason, it is no longer on the menu). What got my attention was, of course, their Fried Chicken. Partially due to poor organization, partially due to the fact that not many of my friends actually want to eat expensive fried chicken, the trip to Momofuku Daishō never materialized. When I saw that they were participating in Summerlicious, I just had to go. 

Momofuku Daishō's interior is modern, sleek and bright. Well, I guess it would have to be, considering it is attached to the swanky Shangri-la Hotel. 

Momofuku Daishō interior

We had a couple of cocktails to start. My boyfriend M had the Smoke + Mirrors, which was very smoky, as the name suggests. I had the Momiro Sour, which had pieces Shiso leafs in it. Both of these were fantastic cocktails. They are unique and well-crafted. This was a great start to a meal that went down hill.

Smoke + Mirrors
tequila, chamomile, bitters, togarashi

Momoiro Sour
sake, shiso, peychaud's

We had the Shrimp Bun and the Falafel Bun as appetizers. The Falafel Bun was... strange. I love falafels, and I love Chinese steamed buns. But they do not belong together. A steamed pillowy soft and slightly sweet bun, meets a deep fried, kind of hard/slightly oily chickpea falafel... Not a harmonious combination. These two things should never meet. On the other hand, their Shrimp Bun was great, possibly the best dish we ate that night.

Shrimp Bun
spicy mayo, pickled onion, bibb

Falafel Bun
yogurt, chickpea, cucumber (vegetarian)

M had the Trout, which was beautifully presented, served at room temperature. It was very mild in flavour. I had the Pork Chop, also beautifully presented, also served at room temperature. I liked the incorporation of noris, it makes for a very Asian inspired flavour profile. The pork chop was a bit chewy, because it was very lean. 
shrimp, pepperoncini, herbs (local)

Pork Chop
corn, chanterelles, nori (local)

We had the Cake Truffles and Field Strawberry Pie for dessert. They were not a good way to end a meal. When I asked our server for more details on their Field Strawberry Pie, she said that it was "just like the strawberry pie from McDonald's". Her words, not mine. Probably not a good way to describe your dishes, considering the setting. Both desserts were okay... at best.

Cake Truffles
assorted flavours

Field Strawberry Pie
vanilla, spiced sugar, cookie crumb (local)

At $45 per person per meal + 2 cocktails, the bill (including tips) came up to be around $150. Umm, not the type of bill you would typically foot over for a Summerlicious meal. Unfortunately, we were not enticed to return in the future. On the positive side, I'm glad to have had the opportunity to try this restaurant. It's okay, there will always be hits and misses, it just means that I have to keep on trying new restaurants, which is not a bad thing at all. :)

Until next time,


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This is a predictor of how likely I will revisit this establishment in the future. My likelihood of returning is dependent upon various factors, such as my personal taste preference, my personal experience at the restaurant, my perception of the value provided by the restaurant, as well as other factors such as location (for example, on a TTC subway line), personal convenience, price and the preference of the friends whom I often dine with.

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