Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Yakitori Bar and Seoul Food Co.

Having gone to U of T for grad school, I'm fairly familiar with the dining options in Baldwin Village (having been to all of the 'non-sketchy' establishments). One of its newest addition is Yakitori Bar. I visited Yakitori Bar a few months back with a good friend of mine, right after they opened, and had ourselves a great meal. But again, it's partly due to my lovely dining companion. Good food and good company, that's all I really want in life (I'm clearly an underachiever, but oh well). Thanks S. ;)

First up, we had the BBQ pork bun. My mouth is watering as I'm writing this post and reliving the memory through the photo. The meat was tender, flavourful and fatty, just the way I like my pork to be.

BBQ pork bun
braised pork butt in a steamed rice bun (maybe? my memory isn't what it used to be)

Next up we had pork kakuni, which is Japanese-style braised pork belly. I think it probably shares a common origin with its Chinese counterparts, Dongpo pork and Hongshao pork. All three dishes consists of cubed pork belly slowly braised until fork tender. Hongshao pork actually happens to be one of my favourite Chinese dishes, which is why I had to get the pork kakuni. The pork kakuni at Yakitori Bar is very well done. There is the saltiness from the seasoning and sweetness from the thick layer of pure animal fat. This would make a great last meal...

Next to the pork is oxtail braised in red wine soya, which was literally falling off the bone. I can't vouch for how it tastes because of my aversion to red meat. But I have heard good things about it from my dining companion.

Pork kakuni, slow simmered in apple soya
Oxtail, braised in red wine soya

We also shared Jap Chae, a stir fry of sweet potato noodles with vegetables/meat, and spicy chicken wings, fried in a chilli pepper rice batter.

This was a lovely experience. Next time I will have to try something from the grill section of their menu. Next time...

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